Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Who inspires me volume 1

My friend Jeniece of The Painting Libra! You can find her at She makes beautiful and fun hand painted ceramics. Her mugs are awesome for cereal or soup and her latte mugs are perfect for coffee or hot chocolate! She is very encouraging and has taught me everything I know about Etsy! Just seeing her ceramics inspires me to keep working and trying new things!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Welcome to The Short Shop

Welcome to The Short Shop! My name is Kelly and I love making bags! I make bags of all sizes: laundry, shoe, wine, gift! I am always wanting to learn new things and I think the next thing I am going to start making is pillowcases!!

Come check out my bags on Etsy: and at Belle's Nest:! If you are in the Southern California area come check out Belle's Nest the store in Sierra Madre! Become a fan of The Short Shop on Facebook! If there is a fabric or size, that you want and don't see feel free to contact me!