Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Giveaway for a good cause!

On Sunday October 17th, 2010 I will be joining thousands of other people in support of CHOC (Children's Hospital of Orange County) at the annual Walk in the Park. This is my 7th year doing the walk! On January 10th, 2009, my best friend Karen and her husband Eric welcomed baby Phillip into the world. Phillip was born with a diaphragmatic hernia and was taken to CHOC via ambulance after he was born. At 5 days old, Phillip had surgery to fix his hernia and was released when he was 12 days old. Phillip is now a healthy 20 month old handsome boy. I am so thankful to CHOC for all that they have done for him! This year is special because Phillip is going to do the walk with us this year! We even made a team just for him! Team Monkey! If you support me and the children of CHOC between now and October 15th, you will be entered to win a bag from my shop! Together we can make a difference!

To support me go here! http://www.chocwalk.net/kellyshort